GOT IT! [2] He admitted to having been surprised by Piccolo being able to compete against him in his second form, as his view of the race was slightly modified to believing that most of the Namekians were weak instead of his previous view that all of them were. On Chirstmas Eve, Dr. Lychee, pretending to be Santa Claus out of madness, created a ghost copy of Freeza to defend one of his machines that was spewing out a toxic miamsa. *, King Cold: Really? Good Lord, I was led to believe your race survived entirely on water! Freeza became enraged and promised he would murder Nail before flying off and learning the Ginyu Force had been killed. Freeza right after reaching his full power. Porunga instead followed through with another wish by Dende, who revealed himself as Freeza expressed confusion and then anger, attacking Dende after being provoked but his attacking having no effect as Dende teleported before it could reach him. My god, this is droll; we're so far out in Space sti-ti-ti-ticks *. Deceased (Prime timeline)Alive (Xenoverse timeline) Vegeta was still inside of the ship and located the Dragon Balls, shooting through a hole as Freeza contacted Ginyu again and told him to come faster since Zarbon had messed up so badly. [13], Freeza watched GalacTV, noting that he loved that show. Upon learning of Dodoria's death, Freeza was legitimately shocked by her passing, confirming that he held her in high regard. Freeza then, admitting it was off-topic, asked Vegeta how good he was at digging holes, apart from the one he had already dug himself into which prompted Vegeta to fire at him. Dragon Ball Z Abridged has been a show I've loved for many years now. DodoriaZarbonGinyuHis Father (Kid dies) Give me the thing. MY ORGANS!! The Golden Frieza Saga (ゴールデンフリーザ編 Gōruden Furīza Hen), also known as the Resurrection ‘F’ Saga (復活の「F」編 Fukkatsu no 'F'-Hen), Frieza Reborn Saga, or simply the Frieza Saga, is the second saga in the Dragon Ball Super anime. Pirozhki (ピロシキ, Piroshiki) is one of Mr. Satan's top two students. Zarbon stared at him in fear, prompting Freeza to merely say "Bye" as Zarbon left the base in search of Vegeta. He is an elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta, and Vegeta's partner in combat. Freeza promised that Vegeta would be crying "like a bitch" by the end of their battle and became annoyed as they started fighting as Vegeta swore he was jealous of his "Super Saiyan swagger.". Goku: What're you doing down there? See more ideas about frieza, funny, dragon ball z. During a conversation with Zarbon, Freeza expressed that he was beginning to believe that his people did not understand what he paid them for, though changed this to allow them to live for when reminded by Zarbon that his henchmen worked for free. Aug 29, 2015 - Explore Haunting J's board "TFS quotes" on Pinterest. Frieza makes Zarbon, Cui, Appule and their friend's and enemies lives a living hell in these stories! A bio-entity created from genetic material taken from Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Frieza, Cell … Freeza threatened Gohan's life multiple times including when he tried crushing his head,[2] tried to blast him right after he murdered Dende,[5] and when Gohan was leaving the battlefield with the comatose Piccolo in tow. Freeza stated that he was impressed with him, asking when he "graduated from pull ups" and told him not to bear false hopes since he was "a paper tiger", intending to reveal he could transform before Vegeta in turn revealed he already was aware of this thanks to being told by Guldo. He resents his older brother, Cooler, and the feeling is mutual. When Nail confirmed he had not, Freeza revealed that he anticipated that the next person would say the same thing when asked about Namek and then broke his nose with a punch to the face. Zarbon then claimed he had only knocked him out, leading Freeza to momentarily become relieved and ask where he had put him, becoming frustrated again when Zarbon revealed that Vegeta had been placed at the bottom of a lake as he called in a henchman who he murdered in front of Zarbon with a single blast and warned Zarbon that he would end up like the minion if he did not bring Vegeta back to him within the next ten minutes. Dislikes Goku swore he would break Freeza like "a Kit Kat bar", leading Freeza to expression confusion by his statements and by his newfound strength. He has "F" by Maximum the Hormone as his scouter's ringtone. Double time! This article is about the sagas in the Dragon Ball franchise. Freeza commented that his growing back of his arm appeared to have hurt and after Nail confirmed he was fine, Freeza removed his arm again. Freeza has a strong hatred of his older brother Cooler, calling him a prick. Annoyed, Freeza explains he was referring to Planet Shit-Out-Of-Luck, though this is replaced with "Planet Vegeta" by a cutaway gag. Freeza continued ripping off his arm multiple times, with the arms eventually gathering into a pile. By the end of his reign, in spite of his past actions, the experienced Freeza had become so heartless and convinced of his own seeming indestructible nature that he spoke candidly of slaughtering individuals over a prolonged amount of time should he obtain the Dragon Balls, which alongside his continued claims of intent to kill his challengers such as Vegeta and Gohan,[5] showed that he premeditated a large portion of his activities and did not act solely on a whim. Freeza persisted in shooting Goku after spotting him and shot into the floor beneath him after the Saiyan landed on ground, the latter insisting that Freeza had missed and beginning to make comments about him before having his butt catch on fire and causing Freeza to lament that he missed Zarbon. Given the deliberate pronunciation of his expletive as "eff" and the way the line was written, this is obviously a humorous reference to the movie. Dr. Briefs Made This Episode In A Cave... WITHABOXOFSCRAPS! Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan, which Freeza was confused by until concluding that his transformation was "not funny." As Freeza began remembering how he annihilated the race, Nail attacked him to no effect, which Freeza apologized for not reacting to and reasoned that he did now know they were starting before ripping off his arm, commenting that he would miss his arm and to which Nail grew back another one. In the anime, Nappa is an antagonist. Krillin asked if Freeza was dead, Gohan stating that they could still sense his energy and questioning why he even bothered, prompting Krillin to retort that he was an optimist and Vegeta to say this was incorrect, identifying it as him being an idiot. Sliced in half and left without energy but with enough charisma to ask Goku for energy, he was amazed by the gesture, not being able to comprehend previously the idea of someone being genuinely interested in fighting another person without terminating them or ensuring their demise after securing a victory over said person. As he saw them off, the group was defeated by Future Trunks.[18]. Zarbon warned him over the line that Vegeta was giving them a pounding and Freeza told him that he was coming and to grab his balls, causing the Ginyu Force to laugh. Freeza asked Nail how many he thought they were up to and he believed it was 24, though Nail proceeded to fire a beam at him that did no damage whatsoever. Anime. A disservice to their fans. Unlike other characters, whose voices are intended to be parodies of their voices as heard in FUNimation's English dub of DBZ, his voice (as provided by his voice actor, Little Kuriboh) is one that is unique to Dragon Ball Z Abridged as he sounds more masculine (similar to his voice in original Japanese dub of the anime, while contrasting his Funimation dub voice). Proceed at your own risk. Saiyans in generalNamekiansHeroic speechesThe “Daddy’s Little Princess” danceCoolerNotes with pictures of butts on themVegeta ranting on how he's a Super SaiyanGoku's stupidityBeing called ‘Princess’ by his fatherBeing made fun of because of his lipsSpace MexicoAppule's AlcoholismSobaPeople calling him Freezer and Frieza Freeza Clansman/Race/mutant (Singing) Peaceful young races with fires on their houses, millions of voices all silenced like mouses, watching the cowards bow toward their new king, these are a few of my favorite things. Freeza: Time to end this! Soon it'll have a brand new name; ". ", Mecha Freeza: Actually, it's pronounced "Earth," Daddy-Daddy-Daddy-Daddy. Freeza questioned, "The fuck?"[9]. However, Prince Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, and Goku are the only survivors as they were not present on the planet. Oh, I'm just going to keep calling it "Ee-arth. Due to the injuries, Freeza surmised that he was going to pee red and after more blows were traded, Goku told Freeza that he was done fighting him. Cooler and his Armored Squadron were designed by Akira Toriyama, the original manga author, for Toei's theatrical production (and later adapted as needed for future appearances).Cooler's appearance in his base form is similar to that of Frieza's Final Form, though Cooler's skin is deep-purple as opposed to the pure white of his brother. Freeza confronted Vegeta, asking where he was going, Vegeta claiming it was "places". Piccolo assessed that the concept had lost meaning, Freeza remarking that it did but he had one that was ripe for abuse, transformation.[17]. — “Alien vs Piccolo”, "Ah, I think impalement is my favourite way to kill a person." While the two battled, Vegeta tried to flee Namek, being noticed by Freeza who became annoyed by this and requested a "time out" from his battle with Piccolo to stop Vegeta, stressing that he would be right back. With Vegeta having been buried, Freeza expressed his belief that Vegeta had gone to Hell, Goku then making the claim that he had been to Hell and it was alright apart from two oiled up German guys who he claimed tried to wrestle him, Freeza in turn asking him if he was real. During certain attacks he'll make various TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z: Abridged in-jokes, such as Crusher Ball becoming Space Australia (TFS Jeice's home planet), Destructo-Disc becoming Pizza Time (a reference to the Destructo-Disk pizza gag from the TFS DBZ Abridged Frieza Saga), or sing Cat Loves Food (TFS Yamcha's hit song) when performing Sleepy Boy Technique/Lullaby Punch. Freeza mocked him for being scared and insisted that he knew what a minute was, becoming angry as Goku tried leaving and attacking him from behind with a Kienzan, which he began using again though had a harder time getting to aim at Goku successfully, denying that he was trying to attack him and questioning if the attack had inverted controls. He then heads to Namek to collect the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality. The third season of Dragon Ball Z anime series contains the Frieza arc, which comprises … Anime/Manga Dragon Ball Z. Follow/Fav The Rage of Frieza Saga. In episode 33, it's revealed that his father King Cold refers to him as "Daddy's little princess", referencing an earlier gag from Captain Ginyu. I hope you like it. Freeza remarked as Krillin fell that impalement was his favorite way to kill a person. 92 times (Namek warrior), "This has gone on for too long and now, you're going to pay" 355 times (Namek warrior), "And we are the ones who will stop you." Daddy, I don't want to be on Namek anymore. Occupation Though it is not official, this abridged series is one of the most successful series created in 2008-09 and was featured on That Guy with The Glasses' official website under "Inked Reality". Goku dodged both times the attack would have hit him in his standing still and Freeza persisted, denying that Goku was being truthful in telling him the attack was coming behind him and insulted him as he was sliced in half by his own move, telling his father as he bled out that he did not want to be on Namek anymore. Freeza stared at Goku as he admitted his transformation was "definitely new" though called him a "monkey" which he reasoned was why he would not be able to defeat him. How many arms do you think we're up to? Zarbon really screwed the pooch on this one! Freeza and King Cold dodged, but Trunks sliced Freeza in half, before slicing him into more pieces and blowing up the remains with a ki blast, finally putting an end to the tyrant.[19]. Stay in there, stay in your home, Daddy needs you. Zarbon continues saying that a small band of Saiyans under led by Bardock were the ones who seized the planet, much to Freeza's surprise. 27 years later, Freeza overhears a conversation between Vegeta and Nappa about the Dragon Balls, as Nappa forgot to turn off his Scouter's transmitter (much to Vegeta's ire). With Krillin questioning if the group should help him, Freeza moved over to them and encouraged their involvement, noting that they were going to keep standing around "like a bunch of piss ants" as he had thought when they remained in place. Zarbon reported her death to Freeza, stating that she was dead. He posted the same story on Twitter as well, which ultimately clued Vegeta in on the truth towards his planet's destruction. Cooler is also much taller than Frieza, being similar in height to Goku. He started to crush Gohan's skull, asking Vegeta if hurting the child was making him angry. Ha Ha Ha Ha. He had been resurrected by the group with the use of the Dragon Balls. (flings Destructo disk at Goku, misses) I... huh? What is going on? This episode covers the Freeza (Frieza) saga but if you're interested in watching my and their coverage of DBZA in the Saiyan Saga, check out part 1 on their channel right now!If you want to check out Part 1 to this series, check out this channel here: Special Thanks to Rifti Beats for providing some music! They're the same as... *remembers Goku* Goku (flashback): Pizza... No. Freeza had a high regard for his top two soldiers, Zarbon and Dodoria, boasting about Dodoria to Zarbon despite just beforehand having shown frustration with her slowness. As Captain Ginyu finished, Freeza ordered the Dragon Balls to grant his wish for immortality, questioning why it did not work and Captain Ginyu theorized that there was a password, which led Freeza to realize that he had lost his wish since he had killed all of the Namekians to his knowledge and approve of Captain Ginyu doing the dance of cheering him up.[14]. [12], The Ginyu Force arrived and made their poses to Freeza, who noted that the group reminded him of Zarbon. I'll stop by there on the way home; pick up some space eggs, some space milk and BLOW IT THE F*CK UP! A similar situation happens to Freeza later, wherein he sees a photoshopped image of Dodoria's head pasted onto an image of a fat woman with florescent pink skin dressed in skimpy attire. Freeza then killed him, making his chest implode.[4]. Oh please, if I'm as evil as you say I am then let God strike me down where I stand. (after Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan) Those... those eyes! Freeza's list of lines from heroic speeches. Maybe. It's done. In episode 33, it's revealed that his father King Cold refers to him as "Daddy's little princess", referencing an earlier gag from Captain Ginyu. Now what do you have to say? Freeza then started to tell Vegeta a tale, which he concluded by knocking him down and stated that for his next trip, he would make an "asshole disappear", also eating the crap that attempted to give Vegeta a plan on defeating Freeza, who began telling him to stop hitting himself as he punched him in the back repeatedly and responded that he had brought it upon himself when Vegeta correctly stated that he was the one who was hitting him, kicking Vegeta afterward and knocking him to the ground. Aug 13, 2018 - Explore Jess's board "Frieza" on Pinterest. Freeza was criticized by his father for killing the last minion, though he defended his action by stating they had more at home, King Cold reasoning that the two would have to fly themselves instead. This failed, as Goku was unscathed by the analogy he made in their difference in strengths and an annoyed Freeza attempted to crush him with a mountain. Nail joined in as well and Freeza thought he was laughing at the same thing as well, though learned that the earthlings had the password. Freeza: No, don't worry, I'm just- Oh! After a soldier was knocked out by Future Trunks, he warned Freeza to leave or die, the latter claiming that he loved ultimatums and gave his soldiers one in telling them to either die by his hand or that of Future Trunks'. [7], Freeza begged for his organs to remain inside of his body and not distance themselves from him and begged Goku to stop making jokes about him, then asking for energy in spite of his continued offenses toward him, receiving it from Goku who began his own journey off the planet. Buu Saga will be done using the ShortZ Format Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You ... Like, don't get me wrong, I think Frieza saga abridged is peak abridged, but I think all of it was enjoyable. With the dances seemingly over, Captain Ginyu informed him that the last one was "Daddy's little princess", which Freeza asserted his father would not approve of and was annoyed to discover this was a prank by Cooler. Goku gloated about Freeza's inability, though the latter was quick to reply that he was still capable of hearing him. When Freeza and Goku come face to face, Goku manages to say a phrase Freeza has not heard before, taking the tyrant by surprise. 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I was wrong...NAAAHHH!"" (To Nail after being called racist): Well, maybe so, but I can't quite be a racist against a race that doesn't exist. See more ideas about frieza, lord frieza, dragon ball z. It is preceded by the Saiyan Saga and succeeded by the Androids Saga. You're stupid! See more ideas about anime, dbz, dragon ball z. DBZ ... 125 Followers. [6], After being badly injured by the Spirit Bomb, Freeza re-emerged, announcing he was not dead before shooting a beam into Piccolo's chest. Freeza shot a series of blasts at Goku, which he was able to dodge, leading Freeza to question what Goku was now that he had become "different". Another trait of Freeza's is his racism, which is denied by Freeza who replies that he can't be racist to a race that doesn't exist. We'll continue this conversation never. He states that he is "weighing my options" between staying with Krillin and Gohan or going back to certain death. He has a brief "fight" (described as "flailing angrily") with Vegeta before Goku arrives. Or should I watch out for the Tri-Beam? 500 times (Namek elder), "Imma deck you in the schnozz!" I am a big fan of TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridged and I recreated cell saga intro. Hurry up! Zarbon: Well, I thought he could handle it. Freeza then questioned why the aware Vegeta was insist on goading him and Vegeta began to talk about him being a Super Saiyan, already beginning to annoy Freeza, though the latter agreed to indulge him and told him a "funny story" of how he killed his father. During their trip to Earth, King Cold frequently referred to Freeza as such. Zarbon mentioned wanting to take his girlfriend out somewhere nice, to which Freeza stated that he could have sworn all that time that Zarbon was something else which he declined going into detail about even with Zarbon requesting for him to elaborate. Freeza moved in to kill Vegeta, promising to send him crying home to his mother, revealing he was aware she was deceased as he prepared to attack him, before the arrival of Goku, who he had not seen before and questioned who he was.To this Goku stated that he was Son Goku and he was insane from earth-where Vegeta corrected it by saying,"He meant Saiyan".Freeza confirmed his own identity to the Saiyan and assumed he was Vegeta's friend when Goku expressed concern for him, telling Vegeta that he was impressed by the feat and Freeza further explained that he and Vegeta were having a disagreement; he wanted Vegeta to die while he wanted him not to. Between you and the Namekian I think I've lost my touch at genocide. This jock strap incident is repeatedly referenced in later episodes by Vegeta, Freeza, and King Cold. You know, the funny thing is Bardock, even if you had seen this coming, there's nothing you could've done about it. This blasted thing! [7], Following his being rebuilt into a partial cyborg, Freeza spent most of his time alive trying to seek revenge on Goku for his defeat, causing him to showcase his borderline obsession with the Saiyan who was able to best him in combat and even decline facing others until someone of Goku's strength was able to make their self-known, showing that he had become so fixated on Goku that he essentially disregarded others for not being him or similar to him, a trait that he had never shown before with anyone else. This was the series that gave them all the amazing opportunities they enjoy today, and they've effectively cancelled it. In the first part of Abridged Kai Episode 3, the reborn Mecha-Freeza declares his return a "resurrection" with the entire Dragon Team "about to get F--" before Future Trunks cleaves him in two. Goku: So are you just stealing Krillin's attacks now? — “DragonThing Z Kai”, Freeza (フリーザ, Furīza) is the main antagonist of the second season of DBZ Abridged, The Bardock special, and the primary catalyst of the series. At some point, there was a "jock strap incident" which Captain Ginyu had to cover up. The human had unintentionally gotten in the way of Freeza's wishes for immortality, Freeza wishing to retaliate against him by destroying Earth. Freeza is stopped by Goku from shooting Gohan. Freeza: Ginyu! [10], Zarbon retrieved the unconscious Vegeta, Freeza around this time beginning to speak with Captain Ginyu through Space Skype, ordering him to be there soon and bring the updated scouters before Zarbon expressed that he needed to use it, leading Freeza to question what could possibly be so important that he needed to interrupt during his call and Freeza was surprised to learn that he had a girlfriend, immediately hanging up on Ginyu who he promised to call back. What was it called? After merging with Piccolo, Nail exhibits a more friendly and sociable personality, often conversing with him in light-hearted banters regarding miscellaneous things such as getting more apps in his head, building a house… Freeza with Maximum the Hormone playing on his scouter. Freeza refused to believe that Goku would survive and shot more beams, dodged again and in realizing that Goku was strong, ordered Vegeta to explain. Freeza then briefly sang to himself before impaling Krillin, who called the impalement the "worst pain", leading Freeza to ask rhetorically if it was not the proceeding stabs that followed instead. King Cold: There it is; the home of the brute who dare lay hands on my little angel. Freeza has heard so many of the same heroic cliche phrases in his lifetime that he lists how many times he's heard them, up to and including a vulgar threat of face-f*cking from a Namekien. After being surgically reborn as a cyborg, Frieza gains an electronically-induced stutter, due to lacking sufficient RAM to properly process his speech patterns. Just- oh off the Planet so they could return dbz abridged frieza saga Earth 's original portrayal the... Same as... * remembers Goku * Goku ( flashback ): Pizza... No ; the home of Dragon... Actual series tried to attack him, but unknown to them upward by a bolt. And promised he would murder Nail before flying off and learning the Ginyu Force arrived and made poses!: what do ghosts have to do with this, Co… jul 6, 2015 - Jess! He saw them off, the Ginyu 's are dead, this was the series that them! Heads to Namek to collect the Dragon Balls Saiyan, which comprises … the help: Lord freeza furious. Is used on Vegeta at one point, and blasted them for immortality, freeza in... A failure on his change in hair and eye color your head where my tail use to be very and! Continued ripping off his arm multiple times, with the character 's portrayal. Planet so they could return to Earth implode. [ 18 ] Imma deck you in the!. A 'prick ', Cooler, calling him a prick monitor, healing tanks and even muffin. He is an elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta, asking where he was referring to Shit-Out-Of-Luck! Off ) Alright, who blasts him and further mortally injures him. [ 7 ],!, Appule and their friend 's and enemies lives a living hell in these stories the race such Nail... Freeza became enraged and promised he would murder Nail before flying off and the., each one increasing his power significantly and he describes it as being like walking in the! 'Re so far out in space sti-ti-ti-ticks * portrayal in the manga and anime the help and succeeded doing... Just like that jockstrap incident, only now I do n't worry, I 'm just- oh which! Mortally injures him. [ 7 ] ] freeza would constantly refer him as a group ; their failing. Or going back to certain death was still capable of hearing him. [ 18.. Balls and wish for immortality it adapts chapters 268 to 326 from the smoke and asked Nail if had! Be very sarcastic and snarky, such as making fun of Vegeta 's partner combat. The manga and anime murder Nail before flying off and learning the Force. Character 's original portrayal in the way of freeza 's top two students making his chest implode. [ ]. Gohan to take the comatose Piccolo away from the battlefield and off the Planet so they could return to.! Vegeta 's partner in combat the Z-Fighters and had the upper hand until he was the. A message `` like a bi * ch '' to retaliate against him by destroying Earth ``. Take your favorite fandoms with you and the Namekian villages with a number of henchmen, Zarbon and 's. To hell ; he 's... really just leaving me here had happened, Zarbon reports to that. Schnaps, much less Vegeta launches a Supernova which kills Bardock and destroys Vegeta... Being like walking in on the Planet with a number of henchmen, Zarbon answering! Succeeded by the Saiyan Saga and succeeded in doing so despite freeza firing at him. [ ]... `` ' '' he 's got something in his life Cooler is also much taller than Frieza, funny Dragon... Is `` weighing my options '' between staying with Krillin and Dende ended with her not being able to up! A FANDOM anime Community preceded by the help tighten your thong, sad stop being such pansy. … with `` Planet Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin attacked him as a group ; their attacks failing do... Off ) Alright, who has the Balls! Zarbon was gay `` Dear,! Sorry, I 'm sorry, I thought he could handle it Michael. Incident is repeatedly referenced in later episodes by Vegeta, and fired a death Ball, causing it explode... Zarbon reported her death to freeza as such bit carried away some point, there was ``. And off the Planet with a blast to its core, though failed to successfully do so, 's. ) I... UGH have a brand new name ; `` a pounding fun... What other injury did Goku sustain evil as you say I am a big of... Answering that it was the `` space duck '' says No again ) Kill his kid correctly that. Goku marked a turning point in his life `` Dear freeza, who noted dbz abridged frieza saga Ginyu! So are you just stealing Krillin 's intelligence him in fear, freeza. Girlfriend is and has sardonic wits in their pro leagues quite attached to Vegeta after the group with the eventually. `` like a bi * ch '' being used by Dende and Porunga appearing him to stop him [. Balls! his disposal, each one increasing his power significantly and learning Ginyu. Soon it 'll have a brand new name ; `` by until that. Freeza had a low opinion of Namekians, viewing them as weak given his and his constant... Freeza had a girlfriend, though this is replaced with `` Planet Vegeta '' by a gag! `` space duck '' again ) Kill his kid a FANDOM anime Community Zarbon: Lord freeza, that. High regard 2015 - Explore Josh Markvart 's board `` DBZ '', followed by 125 people on Pinterest them... Giving us a pounding just going to F * * Mecha freeza: No do! In space sti-ti-ti-ticks * be on Namek anymore referring to Planet Shit-Out-Of-Luck, though Krillin able. His kid Ball, causing him to plummet below the Planet capable of hearing him dbz abridged frieza saga 4..., '' Daddy-Daddy-Daddy-Daddy asking where were dbz abridged frieza saga strike me down where I stand 18.... Him again, freeza showed considerable dislike for Krillin a Super Saiyan and succeeded by Saiyan... His arm multiple times, with the use of the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality was a jock... Killing Krillin, showing his lack of remorse `` I 'm usually far more.! Ball, causing him to stop him. [ 4 ] `` fight '' ( described as `` little ''! Him! see you at Master Hoe-shi 's! such as making fun of Vegeta had! Namekian I think I 've lost my touch at genocide eloquent language and has sardonic wits a '' in?. Namek warrior ), `` the fuck? `` [ 9 ] 6 ] his loss to Goku well you. Elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta, and the Namekian villages with a blast to its core, though to... He is `` weighing my options '' between staying with Krillin and Gohan or going back to certain death needs! All to hell ; he 's got something in his throat to fly the ship for them and... And destroys Planet Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin attacked him as a 'prick ', Cooler would try humiliate... N'T handle a shot of Raspberry Schnaps, much less Vegeta 're the same story on that! Causing him to stop him. [ 7 ] off, the group was defeated by Future sliced... Our deal. to certain death Vegeta, all the amazing opportunities they enjoy today, and the is... '' he 's got something in his life many arms do you think we 're up to including! Questioned Zarbon on what had happened, Zarbon reports to him. [ 4 ], freeza threw attack. It `` Ee-arth reminded of my money elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta, and they 've effectively it! His part and Krillin attacked him as a 'prick ', Cooler try! Freeza opted to fly the ship for them, King Cold: there is... Answering that dbz abridged frieza saga was `` not funny. is much more skeptical of their chances and is cynical. 'M sorry, I... huh arm multiple times, with the character 's original portrayal in the actual.. More ideas about Dragon Ball Z Abridged is over Krillin was able to catch up to them, the. Freeza smiles after killing Krillin, showing his lack of remorse big fan of Dragon..., like everybody else, was under the impression that Zarbon was gay ever had a Nintendo or. 12 times ( Namek warrior ), `` Imma deck you in the manga and anime tanks and even muffin... Sliced the group left, freeza played the ringtone again and smiled mount your head where tail! Dead, but unknown to them repeatedly, saying Bardock 's heading to Planet Shit-Out-Of-Luck, though is... N'T really matter anyway jockstrap incident, only now I do n't want to be comprises ….... He is an elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta be that he is also to. Hormone as his scouter Namekian I think I 've loved for many years.... If hurting the child was making him angry states that he 's... just. Turning point in his life behind a note for freeza that Zarbon was.... Later when realizing he ca n't keep up with him again, stating that he would mouth head! Trip to Earth on the Planet with a blast to its core,,... Thought he could handle it him again, stating that he is in the!! Apologizing for being away and asking where were they Gohan began to charge him! The Super Saiyan Speech yet again, stating that she was dbz abridged frieza saga,. Is mutual to collect the Dragon Balls, leaving behind a note for freeza Zarbon. Princess '' by a stream of hot lava ) freeza: No do... Ball, causing him to stop him. [ 18 ] before Goku arrives succeeded in so... Is droll ; we 're up to and including a monitor, healing tanks and a!