For example, in the United States "B" always stands for bachelor and "M" always stands for master.Some universities use the Latin name for the degree, … On leaving Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, in 1681, he became an assistant master at the Birmingham grammarschool, and took holy orders. Sentence Master is the first game of its kind designed and developed completely by educators to help students eliminate the most common mistake among English language learners, correct word order. On his release Consalvi hastened to his master's assistance; and he was soon after allowed to resume his functions under the restored pontificate at Rome. Each city which had been the cradle of freedom thankfully accepted a master, to qutmch the conflagration of party strife, encouragt trade, and make the handicraftsmen comfortable. I even tried, without aid, to master the French pronunciation, as I found all the letters and sounds described in the book. You can apply your own custom theme using any of the options in the Background group. His hussars were placed along the line in couples and he himself rode along the line trying to master the sleepiness that kept coming over him. But if the epithet is intended to designate an animal that takes an interest in its rider so far as a beast can, that in some way understands his intentions, or shares them in a subordinate fashion, that obeys from a sort of submissive or halffellow-feeling' with his master, like the horse or elephant, then I say that the camel is by no means docile - very much the contrary. CK 326296 Practice is the only way to master foreign languages. The jewelry theft was obviously the work of a master criminal. And more than one master was disposed to make large - even startlingly large - concessions to the exigencies of practice. exclaimed the horrified Pelageya, turning to Princess Mary for support. Now, come along, Master Victor should not be kept waiting. 4. Will you consider sparing the rest of the Immortals, master? He was master of the sea, and the flow of provisions from the mainland was cut off by Genoa's ally, Francesco I. At the end of eighteen months his master returned, and, the moment his voice was heard, the wolf recognized him and lavished on him the most affectionate caresses. "What brings Death to my door?" A master could not enter into a contract with his slave, nor could he accuse him of theft before the law; for, if the slave took anything, this was not a subtraction, but only a displacement, of property. he was the real inspirer of his master and the practical chief of the Saxon court. This prolific author copied, and so imported into Ottoman literature, a didactic style of ghazel-writing which was then being introduced in Persia by the poet Sa'ib; but so closely did the pupil follow in the footsteps of his master that it is not always easy to know that his lines are intended to be Turkish. Belisarius starved out Vitiges in 539, and became master of it. Degree abbreviations vary from college to college, but many are the same. 7. The title of Ralph Nader's book was right: That car was Unsafe at Any Speed, at least with the master cylinder removed. When referring to a degree by its name or describing a person as a master or bachelor, the term is written in title case. Examples of Master in a sentence Once he is able to master the drums, the music lover will learn to play the guitar as well. Reluctantly, he walked up the sloping hill and to the door that opened automatically for its master, unlike the portal home. Attempting to master the art of cooking, Linda bought several cookbooks and took classes with a local chef. The dedication to Mary Magdalen was no doubt derived from the hospital at Winchester of which the founder had been master. At the head of each division or lodge there was a "body master," who communicated directly with a county delegate; the county delegates reported to the state delegate, and the state delegates to a national delegate. Thanks to the blind complaisance of its democrats and the timid subserviency of its once haughty oligarchs, he became master of its fleet and arsenal (16th of May 1797). If they want you to write Masters degree or masters degree, do t… In the familia urbana the favourites of the master had good treatment, and might exercise some influence over him which would lead to their receiving flattery and gifts from those who sought his vote or solicited his support. Find more ways to say master, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Runyon was a master of the short story. "Master, not here--don't understand... me, you..." said Gerasim, trying to render his words more comprehensible by contorting them. Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Proceeding to Alexandria as assistant to the British consul-general there, he devoted himself to Arabic and its various dialects, and made himself master of Eastern manners and usages. In June Romanzov's victory at Kartal made him master of the principalities, and by November the fortresses of Izmail and Kilia, guarding the passage of the Danube, and those of Akkerman and Bender on the Dniester had fallen into the hands of the Russians. Diablo trotted over to welcome his master, nuzzling and nickering. 2272830 Tom is a master. To secure their purpose they in 1814 expelled the French garrison and accepted British protection; but the British Government in 1815 determined to go back to the convention of 1800 by which Parga was to be surrendered to Turkey, though no mosque was to be built or Mussulman to settle within its territory. In Greek literature his master was Emmanuel Chrysoloras. It was only the habit of interurban jealousy which prevented the communes from at once combining to resist demands which threatened their liberty of action, and would leave them passive at the pleasure of a foreign master The diet was opened at Roncaglia near Piacenza, where Fredericli listened to the complaints of Como and Lodi against Milan, of Pavia against Tortona and of the marquis of Montferrat against Asti and Chieri. Magdalen College School was established at the gates and as a part of the college, to be, like Eton, a free grammar school, free of tuition fees for all corners, under a master and usher, the first master being John Ankywyll, a married man, with a salary of CIO a year, the same as at Winchester and Eton. This applies when referring to the faculty (e.g., Arts, Science) or the field (e.g., Engineering, Physics). In the last method the master turned the slave round, with the words " Tiber esto," in the presence of the praetor, that officer or his lictor at the same time striking the slave with his rod. He was a man of considerable intellectual attainments, of prodigious memory, master of both Latin and Greek, and wrote prose and verse with equal facility. How to use mastery in a sentence. She crossed to the communication master workstation and checked the systems. While it’s generally considered correct to include an apostrophe in master’s degree, there are some publications – including academic ones – that don’t. As they passed us, the large craft and the gunboats in the harbour saluted and the seamen shouted applause for the master of the only little sail-boat that ventured out into the storm. "The master is not in, he's gone to headquarters," said Telyanin's orderly. At last James Hogg said, "It's of no use; all we can do is to go home and tell the master that we have lost his whole flock.". Born on the 18th of February 1718 he was educated at the parish school of St Ninians, and at the grammar school of Stirling, and, after completing his course at Edinburgh University, became master of the grammar school at Annan. However, I should never have broken a horse or bull and taken him to board for any work he might do for me, for fear I should become a horseman or a herdsman merely; and if society seems to be the gainer by so doing, are we certain that what is one man's gain is not another's loss, and that the stable-boy has equal cause with his master to be satisfied? From this time till his death he remained undisputed master of Athens. he asked his overseer, a venerable man, resembling his master in manners and looks, who was accompanying him back to the house. For certain alleged offences of the master the slave could bring an action, being represented for the purpose by an adsertor. Particularly under the grand master Winrich of Kniprode (1351-1382) it was the school of northern chivalry, engaged in unceasing struggle to defend and extend Christianity against the heathen Lithuanian. After being professor of philosophy at several provincial universities, he received the degree of doctor, and came to Paris in 1858 as master of conferences at the Ecole Normale. Under him were the several groups employed in the different branches of the exploitation and the care of the cattle and flocks, as well as those who kept or prepared the food, clothing and tools of the whole staff and those who attended on the master in the various species of rural sports. she prodded at his silence. Words often make the thought, and the master of words will say things greater than are in him. From the time of the abdication Pippin was sole master; and in 751, after consulting Pope Zacharias, he took the title of king and removed the feeble Childeric to a monastery. Master definition: A servant's master is the man that he or she works for. Compound Sentences with “master’s degree” A compound sentence with “master’s degree”contains at least two independent clauses. to have been "at once admitted to the privy council"; but probably this is a mistake for the ordinary council, of which Morton might well have been made a member when he was appointed master in chancery and chancellor of the duchy of Cornwall. Master Kris has ordered us to respect any wish you have, Miss Hannah. When Dusty found Bianca, she swore she'd seen a miracle, for the master assassin was the last person in either world she'd ever have thought would fall to something like love. 26 enforced; the master was forbidden to put his slave to death, but was obliged to bring him before a court of justice; if he ill-treated him it was a penal offence. To the familia urbana belonged those who discharged the duties of domestic attendance, the service of the toilet, bath, table and kitchen, besides the entertainment of the master and his guests by dancing, singing and other arts. In 39 6 he fought in Greece against the Visigoths, but an arrangement was effected whereby their chieftain Alaric was appointed master of the soldiery in Illyricum (397). 79. Kutuzov's general expression was one of concentrated quiet attention, and his face wore a strained look as if he found it difficult to master the fatigue of his old and feeble body. Examples of Mastery in a sentence Man’s mastery over nature in our world allows us to achieve many things, but even so we can never outmatch nature’s raw power. The position on which he entered at Stockholm was unsuited for a man who wished to be his own master. " The celerity and skill with which Cranmer did the work intrusted to him must have fully satisfied his master. But his progress was so rapid that in two or three years he was able to take his master's place at the lecture-table, and Fourcroy and Vauquelin were so satisfied with his performance that they procured for him a school appointment in 1797 as teacher of chemistry, and in 1798 one as repetiteur at the Ecole Polytechnique. 2. The expert master of ceremonies presided over this sale where he encouraged brisk purchasing. The Idumaeans left, but John of Giscala remained master of Jerusalem. For the Crusades of St Louis the chief authorities are Joinville's life of his master (whom he accompanied to Egypt on the Seventh Crusade), and de Nangis' Gesta Ludovici regis. But his assent to this was only extracted from him in 1540 by the importunities of his friends, especially of his enthusiastic disciple George Joachim Rheticus (1514-1576), who printed, in the Narratio prima (Danzig, 1540), a preliminary account of the Copernican theory, and simultaneously sent to the press at Nuremberg his master's complete exposition of it in the treatise entitled De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (1543). In her self-revelations she followed Rousseau, her first master in style, but while Rousseau in his Confessions darkened all the shadows, George Sand is the heroine of her story, often frail and faulty, but always a woman more sinned against than sinning. He was at Warsaw when his master died in 1733, and he secured a hold on the confidence of the electoral prince, Frederick Augustus, who was at Dresden, by laying hands on the papers and jewels of the late ruler and bringing them promptly to his successor. "Master Kris has ordered an evacuation," Henri, Kris.s secretary, said as he approached. On the Slide Master tab, do one of the following: In the Edit Master group, click Insert Slide Master. Even when the slave had killed his master, the relatives of the house could not themselves inflict punishment; they were obliged to hand him over to the magistrate to be dealt with by legal process. In this year he was promoted to master, and in the following year was made lieutenant. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 10. lettres," and shortly afterwards he received an appointment as assistant mathematical master in the college. A good pawn CK 1 2218430 You're the master. Jesus. This is awarded by the Code for corporal injuries to a muskinu or slave (paid to his master); for damages done to property, for breach of contract. Probably through the influence of Ridley, who had been master of Pembroke Hall, Grindal was selected as one of the Protestant disputants during the visitation of 1549. He would drive them from place to place as his master wished. The attempts of Ali Pasha of Iannina to make himself master of the place were thwarted partly by the presence of a French garrison in the citadel and partly by the heroic attitude of the Pargiotes themselves, who were anxious to have their city incorporated with the Ionian Republic. As for trusting Claire, there were still days Darian wasn't certain her father wasn't still trying to be the puppet master. Continuing to represent the liberation of the serfs as impracticable, he arranged for the erection of large buildings--schools, hospitals, and asylums--on all the estates before the master arrived. How to use masters in a sentence. Theologian, tutor, university reformer, a great master of a college, Jowett's best claim to the remembrance of succeeding generations was his greatness as a moral teacher. "I have no master," he said in a soft voice. He had already become master of the horse when in 383 he was sent by Theodosius (379-395) at the head of an embassy to the Persian king, Sapor III. In March 1473 Morton was made Master of the Rolls, and Edward found employment for his diplomatic talents; he was sent on a mission to Hungary in 1474, and was one of the negotiators of the Treaty of Pecquigny in 1475. When it came to managing the house, she was a master - with the exception of lighting the stove. "If I…if I release you, you must swear not to tell your master of my city," she gasped. 3. In each was a piano, the eccentric master of the whole being fond of music as the recreation of his literary hours. He established an extraordinary reputation; his personality had a winning attractiveness; and he founded a school of mystics who powerfully affected Judaism after the master's death. called their master, anxiously. Our hearts beat fast, and our hands trembled with excitement, not fear, for we had the hearts of vikings, and we knew that our skipper was master of the situation. The following formal names of specific degrees should always be capitalized in AP style: The forms bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s, master’s degree and master’sare acceptable as general terms. A slave to her master. Cato says, the master of a family (patremfamilias) must have in his rustic villa "cellam oleariam, vinariam, dolia multa, uti lubeat caritatem expectare, et rei, et virtuti, et gloriae erit," that is, "an oil and wine cellar, many casks, so that it may be pleasant to expect hard times; it will be for his advantage, and virtue, and glory.". In 1221 Hermann of Salza, the master of the Teutonic order, along with the duke of Bavaria, appeared in the camp before Damietta; and as it seemed useless to wait any longer for Frederick II., 4 the cardinal, in spite of the opposition of King John, gave the signal for the march on Cairo. It tended to destroy the power of self-command, and exposed the master to the baneful influences of flattery. In 1834 he became a fellow of Trinity, in 1853 professor of Greek (to which a canonry in Ely Cathedral was then for the first time attached), and in 1866 master of his college. And thou art more foolish and unreasonable than a little child, who, playing with the parts of a skillfully made watch, dares to say that, as he does not understand its use, he does not believe in the master who made it. When referenced in this way, the degree is … Sentences with word «master» (see phrases) Мастер is the first studio album by Russian thrash metal band Master. The artist was a master of perspective, causing the viewers to be amazed by his paintings. master. She wore a collar like a dog with her master's name on it. The master of the latter province had beaten off an attack of the Russians in 1502, and secured a fifty years' peace. Thus when, after the crowning victory of Rivoli (14th of January 1797), Mantua surrendered and the Austrian rule in Italy for the time collapsed, Bonaparte was virtually the idol of the French nation, the master of the Directory and potentially the protector of the Holy See. How to connect 'master' with other words to make correct English sentences.master (n, v): the person who owns, cares for, and controls an animal; to learn to control an emotion or feelingUse 'master' in a sentence He is working toward a master's degree in engineering. between master and servant) retains an almost feudal strength. C. Brooke succeeded in training his wolf so well that it was no uncommon sight to see the latter following his master like a dog. She greeted the room full of people with apprehension, her interaction with his sisters with pleasure, her introduction to the clan leaders and her position of master battle planner with both excitement and awe. As Giddon grabbed the reins, Diablo turned his head to look at his master. Dunbar attested his constancy and gave proof that Cromwell was a master of the tactics of all arms. It lost any connexion with the East: after the fall of Acre in 1291, the grand master (whose seat had been at Acre, while the German master (Deutschmeister) had controlled the Order in Germany) moved first to Venice, and then, in 1308, to Marienburg on the Vistula. Master in a sentence. Henceforward Lanfranc exercised a perceptible influence on his master's policy. The outbreak of the American War put a stop to the trade of his master, and he thereupon left Salem and went to Boston, where he engaged himself as assistant in another store. These were still further extended in 1250 by the anti-Caesar William of Holland, who had made himself master of the place and of the imperial regalia, after a long siege, in 1248. Aware of the growing feeling against war in France, Napoleon had determined to make his allies not only bear the expenses of the coming campaign, but find the men as well, and he was so far master of Europe that of the 363,000 who on the 24th of June crossed the Niemen no Iess than two-thirds were Germans, Austrians, Poles or Italians. His son Dionysius, known as "the Younger," succeeded in 367 B.C. Example sentences with the word masters. He was a master... the peasants' affairs first and then his own. He could be liberated by will, or, during his Emanci- master's life, by proclamation in the theatre, the law courts, or other public places, or by having his name inscribed in the public registers, or, in the later age of Greece, by sale or donation to certain temples - an act which did not make the slave a hierodulus but a freeman. For all his Wagnerian impatience, his progress was no struggle from out of a squalid environment; on the contrary, one of his latest discoveries was the greatness of his master Haydn. From Akbar's accession to Aurangzeb's death, a period of 151 years, the Mogul was India's master. Throughout the site, Masters degree is used, instead of master’s degree. But he knew he must remember him as he did his master. "I told you, I don't need a master, only a guardian," she said as she dropped into bed. He was able to gather around him a group of congenial friends and pupils, such as the Mills, the Austins and Bowring, with whom he could discuss the problems upon which he was engaged, and by whom several of his books were practically rewritten from the mass of rough though orderly memoranda which the master had himself prepared. About 1039 he became the master of the cathedral school at Avranches, where he taught for three 'years with conspicuous success. Henceforth the grand master was to sit in the Polish diet on the left of the king, and half of the knights of the Order were to be Polish. He was a master printer and an artist of the first order. The master (dominus) could inflict on his coloni " moderate chastisement," and could chain them if they attempted to escape, but they had a legal remedy against him for unjust demands or injury to them or theirs. 32 "Here,--piggy, piggy, piggy!" For a couple of centuries Lydgate's reputation equalled, if it did not surpass, that of his master. It is in proportion as a sedentary life prevails, and agricultural exploitation is practised on a larger scale, whilst warlike habits continue to exist, that the labour of slaves is increasingly introduced to provide food for the master, and at the same time save him from irksome toil. In 1818 he became a master in a school at Frankfort-on-the-Oder, thereby entering the service of the Prussian government. But the Master said in. In later years he did not shrink from uttering a word of warning and advice, when he thought that the master of the Florentine republic was too much inclined to yield to pleasure. The master status is often the most important architecture of individual identity. Prince Golitsyn has engaged a master to teach him Russian. Taran followed his quick pace toward the door, watching as the advisors rose from their seats at the tables to join their master. The master bath was tidy, so she left the room and pulled the door shut, breathing a long sigh. The governor's palace was formerly that of the grand master of the Maltese Order, and it also contains relics of the knights, tapestries, armour, &c. Extensive bagnios under the rock, formerly occupied by the slaves of the knights, are now used for stores. In 5730 he was made master in the faculty of philosophy. As the years passed, their relationship transitioned from master and weapon into something different. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. In a word, he is from first to last an undomesticated and savage animal rendered serviceable by stupidity alone, without much skill on his master's part, or any co-operation on his own, save that of an extreme passiveness. 196+17 sentence examples: 1. "I'm Czerno, the Black God, your new master and mate," he said. JOHN EACHARD (1636 ?-1697), English divine, was born in Suffolk, and was educated at Catharine Hall, Cambridge, of which he became master in 1675 in succession to John Lightfoot. In 1484 he went to Michael House, Cambridge, where he took his degrees in arts in 1487 and 1491, and, after filling several offices in the university, became master of his college in 1499. With the death of the younger Marius, who killed himself after the surrender of Praeneste, the civil war was at an end, and Sulla was master of Rome and of the Roman world. by which he accorded his protection to the monks when he became master of the country. Just stepping into the cave-like master bedroom made her feel as if she was entering some forbidden place. George's brothers knew the master of a trading ship who was getting ready to sail to England. At first his work appeared as that of his master and patron, then in their joint-names; but in 1790 he began to publish on his own authority, and between that year and 1833 his name is associated with 376 papers. 8. There he continued his studies with ardour, made himself yet more master of Plato and Plutarch, and became especially advanced in theology under the venerable G. Neander's theological position can only be explained in connexion with Schleiermacher, and the manner in which while adopting he modified and carried out the principles of his master. In 1860 he was chosen to succeed his old master, J. Displeasure of the most troubled periods of its history security features of the latter province beaten... Half-Expecting to find bones in the university of Erfurt in 1514, he turned to display their bound.. Tables to join his master was so much pleased with him to master the trembling his! Could bring an action, being represented for the purpose by an adsertor mate, '' 5 says... Also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you this... Never viewed the Code in this case the “ M ” in “ master ” should used... Master followed the Example of Albert, and exposed the master artist traveled to Beijing and shot in a campaign! Master definition: a servant 's master is born free, and secured a years... College, but was overruled, and the master would really be good... Masters of their own destinies Edit master group, click Insert Slide master,. And clothing not far from the nominees of Antigonus of flattery precursors of the tactics all... His feet and ran to join his master a client was changed his. '' and shortly afterwards he received an appointment as assistant mathematical master in the following year was lieutenant! Starved out Vitiges in 539, and became master of the Reformation art in one the... Trotted over to welcome his master it was silly and sentimental, but John of Giscala remained master of which... Even startlingly large - even startlingly large - even startlingly large - concessions to communication... Or denied his master being in arms, thereby entering the university of Glasgow, and Pierre began his. Became great Accept ”, you must swear not to tell your master and weapon into something different joined... So the master will explain your station the college with another species which stands to them in faculty. Was able to master all 2 lb some time before he realized the spirit of tactics! 'S minds, of which the founder had been master master in a sentence cuds, and Pierre began developing views! They plead for me, their master quietly sleeping to England bath, half-expecting to find bones in disputation. Who sometimes erected monuments in testimony of his lower jaw converted his master! Her face helped to master the nausea on our website to function properly the floor, the eccentric master the... Us that, at this time till his death he remained undisputed master of all is... Having survived his master `` we have your brother, Sasha, here at and! Succeeded Benjamin Jowett as master of ceremonies presided over this sale where he for..., English clergyman, and exposed the master switch that bathed all the regiment knew for rogue... ' peace display their bound forearms became the master 's lodge on the 1st of October 1886 one! Brothers knew the master the drums, the master 's the young Ampere, however, soon his! Will you consider sparing the rest of the house she is a pawn. Ceremonies, went up to Countess Bezukhova and asked her to dance his operas boy... Feel as if she was a piano, the master will explain your station in home as! Lydgate 's reputation equalled, if it did not surpass, that his... His existence an object of greater value to his master to tell your master asks, should... Never viewed the Code in this case the “ M ” in “ master ” be! Last time that he grew embarrassed or denied his master period of 151 years, the master had.

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